The Company

SE is an established SAP partner for businesses of all genuses. SE was established in March 2012 and it is a proven its strength in the global arena of SAP Servicing as one among the best SAP service provider in the Southeast Asia.

SE has en experience management team with efficient department heads. Our staffs are certified SAP specialists and experts who can deliver promising performance at any stage. Efficient leaders with their specialist teams enable us to take up varied SAP projects and deliver the best to our clients always.

Our prime servicing areas include SAP Programming Installation & Implementation, SAP support Services, SAP Business Consulting & Audit, and SAP Application Development.


SAP Business Consulting

Our consultants develop plans based on your corporate strategy that fundamentally improve your company's business processes. Our Business consulting move towards a specific industry and domain expertise with a deep understanding and knowledge of the SAP solutions Our consultants deliver action plans that will effectively support your company's goals

SAP Implementaion

Our implementation services help you to gain full value from your SAP investment and takes full account of your business goals and operational processes. We believe we have a unique capability to understand the business outcomes a customer requires design a solution to deliver those outcomes, implement the solution.

SAP Rollout

Roll out is kind of implementation in the sense that, if an implementation is already done for a country the same settings would be set-up for the new country for which the roll out is being carried out. Some minor settings specific to that new country are anyway set-up again. Major part of the already carried out settings are implemented.

SAP Support Services

Our AMS services are underpinned by a grounded delivery approach: we only work where we can add value and build relationships based on trust to lower costs for our clients. We support our international clients for the deployment of SAP solutions, regionally and locally with the help of their global templates.


SBaga Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

Kolej Kediaman Ke-4, Universiti Malaya,
50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 603 4010 6124
Fax: 603 7960 5501